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Top 5 favorite hair products | Hair

Top 5 favorite
hair products

There are thousands of different hair products and it gets really overwhelming when trying to choose the right product for your hair, and it can take quite some time before you find something that really works for you. Today I will be sharing my top 5 favorite hair products, ranging from shampoo's and conditioners for curly hair which I have to serums, oils and sprays for silky smooth hair.

This is my favorite conditioner for sure. Now this product I use a bit differently as instructed, instead of a deep treatment I used this as a leave in conditioner when I leave my hair natural. It adds amazing moisture, controls the frizz and tames my hair preventing that bushy look. Also works great with a diffuser. This is definitely my favorite product for curls. Retails for R85 at Clicks stores.

This stuff literally holds your curls in place all day. I use the level 3 extra strong however it's a bit too strong but I still love this product. I scrunch about 2 to 3 pumps into my wet hair and dry it with a diffuser and in minutes I have perfect curls that are sure to last all day. I purchased this product in Europe and it seems as though it can not be bought in South Africa unfortunately. I believe I paid around R30-R40 

Although I have curly hair and tend to blow dry it straight most of the time, When I do I love to spray or scrunch in some product for some extra shine and smoothness.

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Here are some products I like to use

This product is real really good and it smells so good. 
This product claims to :

  • Creates a protective shield around each hair shaft
  • Helps protect against heat damage
  • Improves the performance of your straighteners
  • Greatly increased shine
  • Reduces straightening time
  • Helps protect against color fade
  • Reduced frizz and static

And definitely does the job. I spray about 4-5 pumps onto my damp hair before I blow dry and the results are great, it leaves my hair super straight and silky. By far my favorite for straight hair! This product was a gift, however it can be purchased on for  £19.99

FX Wild Harvest hair Silk drops 

This silk serum smooths frizz and split ends. Let me tell you this stuff lasts forever and a little definitely goes a long way. I use this on the length of my hair as it prevents breakage. Available at Sally's beauty supply or on amazon and Retails for $10

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave-in Conditioning Spray

I use this product both when I leave my hair natural(Curly)and when I blow dry it. This stuff is great it moisturizes, manages frizz, is a detangler and leaves your hair silky smooth. It is a deeply nourishing leave in conditioner, so its best to use in the cold seasons or if you have dry/damaged or colored hair. I got this when I was in Germany, sorry guys but you can get it at DM for €4 


Aussie Frizz Miracle shampoo: 

This is probably the best shampoo I have used for my curly hair, it controls frizz but at the same time defines your curls. It contains blue gum leave extract, which is known for its soothing properties and it smells super yummy too. Retails R70 at Dischem

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I would highly recommend all these products especially if you have frizzy/curly hair. I use all of them; not at the same time of course haha, but I try to alternate every month or every other month, as well as change my shampoo every couple of weeks too. 
I hope you enjoy today's post and I hope I helped you find a solution to your frizzy, curly hair need.

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