Wednesday, September 2

August | Favourites

Hi guys!
August is finally gone and winter is officially over, yay! 
I am super excited for September because it is my birthday month and I have lots of exciting posts in mind.
Today's post is my August favorites- just some things I have been loving this past month.

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Lip Combo: 
Liner - Yardley in 'Spicy Nude'
This is my all time favorite lip combo, I will probably wear this forever ;) The Nyx lip cream is a matte lipstick which I love but some days I like to add a bit of gloss over it and this Avon plump pout is great definitely one of my favorite glosses.

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Orly in FBl2831

I have been painting my nails a ton this past month, Blues and Nudes. This nude shade is perfect for my skin tone, its fast drying and lasts up to 5 days. Another nail polish I've been loving is the Sinful colors in 'Cinderella'.

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Fluffy Knit - Double zero

On the cold and rainy days; this was my go-to piece- a black fluffy knit!
This has been in my last  favorites and I still love it. I wish I had them in ever single color possible.

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Silver lace ups - MrP

These are oldies but goodies! I got these on sale last year and I am still obsessed with them. They are bold and add a little something to any outfit. Obsessed!

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Large sunnies- MrP 

Although it was winter there were many sunny days and the shades were absolutely perfect blocking out those rays. They are black so they match everything, they have some minor gold detailing and were really inexpensive.

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Double-back earrings - MrP 

I have been wanting these ever since I saw them online. I couldn't find them anywhere and I didn't know of they would suit me. Recently I found this pair at MrP ,they were so inexpensive! I got them to see if I would like them, and well they are in my favorites, so of course I love them.

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Nesquik Sandwich Biscuits 

These are so good and so extremely addicting. They are really delicious especially the strawberry flavor and I usually don't like anything strawberry flavored.
I would definitely recommend this snack.

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Electric Heart by RUE 21

This perfume is amazing, it has a clean, long lasting fragrance. 
With notes of Bergamot, Pineapple, Moss and Cedarwood this is a great scent for the summer for sure.

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Thank You for reading!
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God bless

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