Saturday, August 8

Update : Purple Hair

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Today's posted is my purple hair update as promised. About two or so months ago I dyed my hair purple using Manic Panic Electric Amethyst, I did a full blog post on the process and today I will be answering all the FAQ about my purple hair.

If you haven't yet read the first post, you can do so here 

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Where did you get your hair done?

I did it myself, I  am in no way a professional and the process I followed may not necessarily be correct. I did an entire post on the process in a previous post ( here )
Like I said I am not a professional but I did do lots of research and I honestly feel that I did a good job and this technique most definitely worked for me.  

Was it a very damaging process?

If you have blonde hair, dyeing your hair purple will be quite simple and quick, however if you have darker hair- Dark blonde / Brown / Black you will be required to lighten you hair  pale to white blonde in order to achieve this particular shade of purple. Yes the process was damaging as I had to lighten my hair a couple of times, but there are really good home lightening products available lately and also conditioning your hair is a great help. I would recommend a nourishing hair mask or even plain old coconut oil.

How long does the color last? 

The color lasted about one month. However I have to stress, if you wash your hair everyday or every other day it will NOT last as long.

 How did you maintain the color? 

After I achieved the final color I wantedI re-dyed my hair exactly one week after and again the week thereafter. I washed my hair with cool to cold water every time because hot water washes the color out a lot quicker. I never used any special shampoo's, but I tried not to wash the length of my hair too vigorously and I tried not to wash my hair too often as well. I then re-dyed my hair again a month after the first time just to freshen up the color for a wedding I was attending. 

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If  I have left out anything, please feel free to leave your questions in the comment section and I will gladly answer them. 

Thank You for reading!

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