Saturday, July 25

e.l.f. Cosmetics review

Hi guys, 
 Today I will be doing an e.l.f.(eyes.lips.face) review, on some of their brushes as well as swatches for three of their face products. 

e.l.f is an inexpensive american founded cosmetic company, with prices that range between $1 and $6. 
As far as I know e.l.f is not sold in South Africa but can be bought online. However, my parents were in America recently and of course I had to ask them to bring me all the things my favourite beauty gurus are constantly raving about.

 All these items are from their Essential line, and are most definitely worth buying!


in "Sheer"
eye shadow primer
This product does exactly what it says, it holds your shadow in place all day without any creasing.The color of this primer is quite light but when blended it will work for all skin types and shades. 

Shimmering Facial Whip 
in "Lilac Petal"
This stuff is amazing! 
I normally wouldn't go for products with shimmer, but this has just the right amount of fine shimmer.
This is a perfect highlighting, and a little definitely goes a long way.
It can also be used on the lips and eyelids, however I only use it on the parts of my face I  want highlighted.

in "Warm Tan"
I am naturally tanned so I don't need to bronze my face, but I do love using this bronzer for my contour and also as an eyeshadow.
I simply love the beautiful bronze shade on my skin and also the love amount of shimmer it adds to the skin.

This brush is so soft and is perfect for blending your eyeshadow and I do however like using it to apply shadow all over my lids too.
This brush is the perfect size as it is not too big or small for blending beautifully.

This little one is perfect for getting right into the crease, helping to create the perfect crease and different eye shapes.
And not to mention how soft it is too.

This brush is great for packing on eyeshadow, especially on the centre of the lids. The best part about them is that they are flat, which means you can just flip the brush over and use the other side for a different eyeshadow color.

This is probably my favorite brush of them all. This brush is so soft and is perfect of mineral foundations and setting powders.
It is not to large but, is the perfect size to apply your powder in just a few sweeps .

Thank you so much for reading. Do let me know what your favourite inexpensive makeup products are. 
Also don't forget to leave your comment, suggestions and ideas in the comment section below.

God Bless

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