Wednesday, July 29


Hey Guys!

Today's post is an #OOTD as I haven't posted one in a while. 
The weather has been so icky today, its cold, grey and windy resulting in having to take my outfit pictures indoors and the lighting was not so great. 
Well that's enough whining let's get right into today's post. 

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For this outfit I went for a more laid back look.
I paired this fitted flannel shirt with a pair of beige winter trousers and lastly for shoes I added some black Chelsea boots.

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Flannel Shirt // 1955 Vintage

Trousers // The Clothing Company

Chelsea Boots // Mossimo

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Saturday, July 25

e.l.f. Cosmetics review

Hi guys, 
 Today I will be doing an e.l.f.(eyes.lips.face) review, on some of their brushes as well as swatches for three of their face products. 

e.l.f is an inexpensive american founded cosmetic company, with prices that range between $1 and $6. 
As far as I know e.l.f is not sold in South Africa but can be bought online. However, my parents were in America recently and of course I had to ask them to bring me all the things my favourite beauty gurus are constantly raving about.

 All these items are from their Essential line, and are most definitely worth buying!


in "Sheer"
eye shadow primer
This product does exactly what it says, it holds your shadow in place all day without any creasing.The color of this primer is quite light but when blended it will work for all skin types and shades. 

Shimmering Facial Whip 
in "Lilac Petal"
This stuff is amazing! 
I normally wouldn't go for products with shimmer, but this has just the right amount of fine shimmer.
This is a perfect highlighting, and a little definitely goes a long way.
It can also be used on the lips and eyelids, however I only use it on the parts of my face I  want highlighted.

in "Warm Tan"
I am naturally tanned so I don't need to bronze my face, but I do love using this bronzer for my contour and also as an eyeshadow.
I simply love the beautiful bronze shade on my skin and also the love amount of shimmer it adds to the skin.

This brush is so soft and is perfect for blending your eyeshadow and I do however like using it to apply shadow all over my lids too.
This brush is the perfect size as it is not too big or small for blending beautifully.

This little one is perfect for getting right into the crease, helping to create the perfect crease and different eye shapes.
And not to mention how soft it is too.

This brush is great for packing on eyeshadow, especially on the centre of the lids. The best part about them is that they are flat, which means you can just flip the brush over and use the other side for a different eyeshadow color.

This is probably my favorite brush of them all. This brush is so soft and is perfect of mineral foundations and setting powders.
It is not to large but, is the perfect size to apply your powder in just a few sweeps .

Thank you so much for reading. Do let me know what your favourite inexpensive makeup products are. 
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Saturday, July 18

The Ultimate Vegas Outfit

Hi Guys 

The other day I saw the hashtag #UltimateVegasOutfit and it got me thinking about what I would wear if I were to visit Las Vegas and stay in one of the many Las Vegas hotels. 

As you know I live in Cape Town, South Africa and I have never been to America before,so one would think How could I possibly create an outfit look for a place I know nothing about. 

Well it was easier than you think. I hopped onto and was able to read literally everything there is to know about what to do in Vegas.  
Vegas is not only about the casinos and eloping to an Elvis impersonator, there are many family friendly activities, so your trip to vegas could be a fun family vacation.  
With all that being said in today's post I will be sharing 3 outfits for a day out in Vegas.

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Outfit number one is a very simple casual look. 
I chose to have breakfast at Hash House A Go Go they are know for their-''Sophisticated food in a comfortable atmosphere and large portions. 
This casual dining restaurant features "twisted farm food"--a delicious selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner options made from fresh ingredients.''

I decided to wear something light and easy for the morning. For outfit one I opted for a sunflower printed dress as Vegas is in the middle of a desert and it will most likely be quite hot.
I then added a beige kimono and white plimsolls.

Kimono // Charlotte Russe

Sunflower Dress // Cotton On

Plimsolls // MrP

Watch // Lassale

<<< >>>

Fashion Show mall - over 170,000m2
 of shopping! who wouldn't want to experience that? When doing research for this blog post Fashion Show mall caught my attention. Not only is this a massive shopping mall, every weekend there are live fashion shows in the mall's central atrium.

 I have heard many things about the beautiful  Caesar's Palace, so of course I had to add it to my day of shopping. This place is not only filled with shopping for all walks for life, but also has exotic fish aquariums, talking statues, world renowned restaurants and breathtaking architecture.
What more could you ask for?

I went for an outfit that was easy to take off and put on as I would likely be trying on everything. 
For this look I paired a black circle skirt with a white 3/4 sleeve top and for shoes I chose some flat black ankle boots, as I'll be walking all day. Lastly I opted for a small Leopard printed shoulder bag. 

Top // Monki 

Circle Skirt // MrP

Boots // Mossimo

Bag // Nine West

<<< >>>

And last but not least when in Vegas you have to see some sort of show. I have alway wanted to see Cirque Du Soleil. Therefore I decided on Mystere by Cirque Du Soleil, it has no age restrictions and is suitable for the whole family.  ''Mystère is classic Cirque du Soleil, combining the powerful athleticism, high-energy acrobatics and inspiring imagery that has become the company's hallmark.Deemed a theatrical "flower in the desert," Mystère thrills generations of audiences with its exhilarating blend of whimsy, drama and the unimaginable brought to life on stage.'' 

Finally for outfit number three I decided on some warmer clothing as it does get chilly in the theatre. For this look I styled these flowy printed pants with a sky blue mesh insert shirt and a pair of holographic heels and accessorized with a silver bag. 

Shirt // MrP

Pants // MrP

Heels // MrP

Bag //(Frattapolesine) Aldo 

Watch // Lassale  

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So remember to check out the next time you are planning a vacation with your family and friends.

Thank you all for reading!

God Bless

Thursday, July 2

June | Favourites

Hey guys!
 Today's post is my june favourites, just things I've enjoyed this past month and decided to share. Some of these products are from America but not to worry; they can be purchased online all the links are provided.

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Yardley Lipliner (gel formula) 
'Spicy Nude':
 I love nude lips and I am always looking the best shades my skin tone. This is Yardley lipliner in spicy nude and it is the perfect colour for my skin and not to mention the quality, texture and price. 
I picked this up at Dis-Chem cosmetics sale for only R10 score!

>>>> <<<<

 DQUIP Facial Cleanser:
This facial cleanser was really inexpensive and does a reasonable job. It's no clarisonic, but does the basics by leaving 
my skin really soft and clean. 
I purchased mine at Dis-chem for only R99

>>>> <<<<

Nature's Gate Biotin Shampoo:
I have been using this shampoo for awhile now and it works for sure. My hair looks and feels stronger and I have little to no hair fall out.
Dis-Chem R79.99 if i'm not mistaken.

>>>> <<<<

Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit
 bath and shower gel:
This bath gel is amazing and smells absolutely divine. 
I also use it as bubble bath.
This was gifted to me but they go for $20(300 ml) on the fresh website. 

>>>> <<<<

Natur Vital Hair Mask
Mascara Capilar
At first I didn't like this product because it is to moisturizing, but since I dyed my hair; it's quite damaged and this hair mask I perfect for it. My hair automatically feels and looks healthier every time I use it. Like I said it's very nourishing; it contains Aloe Vera and Juniper/Zimbro.
I believe this was mask was R64,95 from Dis-chem 

>>>> <<<<

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 
 135 ' Sheer Leader'
This beautiful sheer pearly nail varnish is the perfect for any skin tone. Its a 5-in-1 varnish which can be used as a base coat, is chip resistant, a strengthener, has advanced wear, care and shine ingredients and it stays noticeably smooth and shiny up to 10 days.

>>>> <<<<

BH Cosmetics 120 colors 
1st edition eyeshadow palette:
This eyeshadow palette is great, it has 120 shades,it comes in a hard case, has a built in mirror and is really inexpensive! The cool thing about these shadows; they are high-pigmented, the colours are both buildable and blendable. Also they are a mix of matte and shimmer shadows. 
You can create many looks with these shadows- natural, bold, smokey the lists goes on. 
I believe BH Cosmetics can only be purchased on their website.
This palette was gifted to me, they do go for $15 on their site.

>>>> <<<<

Straw boater/bucket hat:
This hat was definitely my go-to accessory this past month. I have this hat for quite awhile now and it's no longer available, but I was on the Mr Price website recently and there are some really cool and stylish hats available ones more suited for winter.
I purchased this hat a few months ago at MrP for R69.99


Finally favourite outfit 
of the month:

Sleeveless Blazer // Oasis

Tee// Monki

Jeans // Vintage

Shoes // MrP

Hat // MrP

 Rings // Market Jewellers

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All things mentioned were purchased with my own money or were gifted to me and all opinions are my own.

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As always THANK YOU all so much for reading!
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