Sunday, May 17

Purple hair w/Manic Panic- Electric Amethyst

I finally decided to dye my hair purple, its something I have been wanting to do for the longest time now.
 Before dying my hair,I did a bit of research on purple hair dyes and all there is to know about the process and the upkeep of having purple hair. 
I was hoping to achieve a more pastel purple, meaning I had to bleach my hair. 

Products I used:

Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe UIL (Ultra Intense Lightener)
R105 @clicks
Manic panic's Electric Amethyst
(From Amazon) 
price varies  
A darker purple hair dye; 
I used Subaru hair cream in Grape Purple 
(Which I purchased from a Chinese shop)
R12 (score) 
A comb 
A hair clip 
A brush to apply dye 

 My hair was previously dyed a light brown color so 
in order to achieve the color below, I had to lighten my hair 
four times.
 Now remember everybody's hair is different, 
and there are many ways and products to lighten ones hair.   

The steps I took:

Firstly I washed my hair as I normally would with purple shampoo (as it helps to eliminate any brassiness and yellow tones from blonde hair)

I let my hair air dry,then sectioned and clipped up my hair before applying Manic Panic's Electric Amethyst from my jaw line down leaving about 8-10 cm at the bottom.
I then applied the Subaru hair cream in Grape Purple to the ends of my hair and combed it through a couple of times, to ensure that the dyes are evenly spread. 
I left that on for about 15 mins because I didn't want the color to be too dark as it is a permanent hair dye. 
I then rinsed my ends under cold water and left the manic panic on for 45 mins - then rinsed, it turned my hair a strange golden brown grayish color, resulting reapplying the dye for an additional hour. 
It still wasn't the color I wanted, I rinsed my hair thoroughly and air dried it again. 
The next morning I applied the dye  for the third time and left it on for another hour, rinsed and blow dried my hair as per usual.

>>> <<<

 This is the end result, it is not what I was hoping for, but I love the way it turned out. 
As you can tell the section of my hair where I applied the Manic Panic turned out more of a grayish blue color rather than purple. 
This is due to the fact that this particular shade Electric Amethyst is blue based and my hair was not light enough and had too much yellow/orange undertones as well. With that being said, I would suggest only using this particular shade if your hair is pale blonde to white.

Thanks so much for reading.

I will be posting a hair care update and FAQ in a couple of weeks. 

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God Bless


  1. Hi, my supplier of Subaru in Centurion doesn't have the funky colours e.g. red grape anymore. Could you perhaps tell me where to find a supplier in South Africa/Pretoria? Thanks :-)

    1. Hi, Zagrya! I live in Cape Town so I really don't know where in Pretoria you could get it, but try some Chinese shops. I got mine from one of their stores and I see it there all the time. Hope this helps! God Bless. Kristen

    2. Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I also got it from a Chinese shop, but they don't get the funky colours anymore 8-( I'll search for other Chinese shops in Pretoria. Stay well ;-)

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  3. Very cool look. I like the silvery purple hair color and easygoing black/white outfit.Thank you! Wow Its looking nice..... Goto this link discover this info here

  4. You can leave manic panic for hours, it's vegan with no chemicals.. you get better color :)
    always rinse with cold water