Saturday, May 9

DIY: Loose Curls


Hi guys, in today's post I will be showing you how to create these beautiful loose curls using my jumbo curling tongs from Toni&Guy's glamour collection.

I will be using:

1.TONI&GUY jumbo curling tongs 
2. Paddle brush
3. Flat hair brush
4. Hair clip
5. L'Oreal Tec hot style iron finish heat protection cream   

Start by combing all your hair to get rid of any knots.
Next apply a pea size amount of heat protection cream from the tips of your hair towards the roots, I focused more on the tips rather than the roots as my tips have been bleached.
Lastly section your hair into two halves and each half into three sections.   

Once your hair has been sectioned, take small pieces, brush and pull the hair straight using a flat hair brush (this will help prevent any breakage) and start curling. 
The way I like to curl my hair is by alternating the direction of the curl (thus preventing one big curl) as well as switching up my technique, either by wrapping the hair around the barrel from my roots with the clamp open, wrapping my hair around the barrel with the clamp closed or clamping the tips of my hair between the barrel and the clamp and rolling my hair upward. I wait about 15-20 seconds before releasing the curls slowly. 
 Repeat on the other side, remembering to switch the direction of the curls to create a more natural look. I prefer to curl the front sections of my hair away from my face
Happy Curling!

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post all opinions and products are mine and was bought with my own money.  

Thank you all for reading 

God Bless

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