Wednesday, April 1

DIY: Hair bows

Hey Guys.
In today's post I will be showing you an easy way to make your very own hair bows from off cut fabric. 


A needle,A piece of Fabric(36cmX24cm) in size, Smaller piece of fabric(10cmX2cm) in size ,A pair of scissors,Thread and a bobby pin  

Star by folding the larger piece of fabric three times in the length 
and tack each corner to hold the fabric together. 

Once the fabric is tacked fold the fabric three times in the width.

 Next stitch three or four large loose stitches in the middle and push the fabric up allowing it gather in the middle and knot the thread to hold the gathered material together. 

Once that step is completed, place the smaller piece of fabric over the gathered section of the bow and stitch together at the base. 
Lastly trim the excess pieces of fabric off in the center of the bow. 

Your bow should now look like the one below. The the last step is to attach the booby pin to your bow by stitching the flat side of the pin to the bow. 
Your hair bow it now complete. 

Here are a few ways I like to wear my hair bows. It is a simple hair accessory that 
adds a splash of  "girly" to any outfit and it can be worn all year round. 

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God Bless


  1. Omg i am in love with this blog i was persuaded by a friend of mine this week to check it out and i must say i am so psyched that i did! Cant wait for more fashion advice! Your absolutely gorgeous!