Monday, September 22

DIY Choker

Today's post is a bit different, as I decided to show your guys an easy way how to make your very own a choker.
This is one of my favorite neck pieces and the choker has became a jewelry trend again this year.

You'll need:A clasp,2 rings(1 small and 1 big) a pliers and some chain.

Firstly measure the part of your neck where you'd like the choker to fit,then cut the chain to the desired length.Once that is done use the pliers to open the link exactly in the middle of the chain and add the big ring. Now open a link on one end of the chain and add the smaller ring and on the other end add the clasp. 
This is the end result

I decided that I wanted to make another "choker" to pair with this one so here are the instructions.

You'll need:Some chain,2 small rings,clasp and lastly a pliers.

What you want to do is measure where on your neck you want the second chain to fit and then cut it to length. Now add one ring to each end of the chain and lastly attach the clasp and its done.

This is the end result.

I would love to see your recreations. 
Share them with me using the hashtag #Thosesartorialmoments 


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