Wednesday, August 27



stripes stripes stripes

You can never go wrong with stripes. Its an easy way to make a statement without going overboard!

Here are a few tips regarding stripes. 

*For fuller figures especially, avoid thick horizontal stripes as they can make you appear even fuller.

*For people on the shorter side, vertical stripes are the way to go. They create an illusion of a taller body or legs, depending where on the body the stripes are worn.

*Remember that there is no such thing as stripes and polka dots are not to be worn together,its not true. They can but shouldn't contrast each other to much. 
Eg: Thinner stripes with larger dots and vice-versa.

For today's outfit I paired some basic skinny jeans with a blue and white striped tee and spiced up look with a pair of metallic silver court pump heels. 

Jeans:Kelso @ Edgars
Shoes:Mr Price

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