Wednesday, August 27



stripes stripes stripes

You can never go wrong with stripes. Its an easy way to make a statement without going overboard!

Here are a few tips regarding stripes. 

*For fuller figures especially, avoid thick horizontal stripes as they can make you appear even fuller.

*For people on the shorter side, vertical stripes are the way to go. They create an illusion of a taller body or legs, depending where on the body the stripes are worn.

*Remember that there is no such thing as stripes and polka dots are not to be worn together,its not true. They can but shouldn't contrast each other to much. 
Eg: Thinner stripes with larger dots and vice-versa.

For today's outfit I paired some basic skinny jeans with a blue and white striped tee and spiced up look with a pair of metallic silver court pump heels. 

Jeans:Kelso @ Edgars
Shoes:Mr Price

Thursday, August 14

Lets go to the beach

In Cape Town it is currently winter(brrr) but for some reason this past Tuesday it was really sunny and warm, so naturally we ended up going to the beach and as you will see in today's post I was not dress for the'occasion'(LOL)


Sea Point,Cape Town,South Africa.
Michael and I

crop top- Mr Price
skirt- DIY
booties- Vintage
sunnies- Flea Market

So for today's outfit I paired my DIY black midi circle skirt with sheer black stockings,patent leather booties and a star printed mesh insert crop top!
And for accessories a pair of round sunnies. 
The V&A waterfront Cape Town, South Africa
(All pictures are mine and were taken by me and my sister.)


Monday, August 4

Edgy Girl


For today’s outfit I went for something different, something a bit more formal and appropriate for summer nights out.
This look is a mix between girly and edgy. 
The neon pink bodycon mini skirt being girly and 
the shirt and boots adding the edge.
This outfit is perfect for making a statement and looking girly at the same time.

For this look I paired a black button down sleeveless mullet shirt with sheer black stockings and a pair of black and gold tip boots and for a pop of colour a neon pink bodycon skirt.  

I paired this shirt with the boots because they both have accents of gold. 


Just be YOU

Get this look.
Skirt: Pick'n Pay Clothing 
similar at- link  

Shirt:Mr Price 

Shoes:Shoe Connection 
similar at- link