Wednesday, July 16



My outfit  is quite bold compared to what I usually wear.

Bold prints has been around for a long time and as time goes these prints become, bigger, brighter and BOLDER!

Monochrome just like bold prints have been around for a long time as well. 
One great thing about monochrome is no additional pieces need to be added like statement jewelry.

  The combination of black and white is enough to make a subtle statement without going over the top.

The thing I love the most about my outfit is the perfect combination of both monochrome and bold prints.

Today I wore a two piece outfit--
A star printed mesh insert crop top and a star print high waist pencil skirt.Because this outfit is bold I decided not to wear any other pieces with it only a pair of black sheer stockings and lastly a pair of black wedge ankle boots. 

(Mr Price)
(Mr Price)

(similar- Mr Price)

(Similar- Mr Price)


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