Wednesday, July 30

Bulls Eye


Today's outfit is very simple and casual yet stylist.
For this look I paired some basic blue skinny jeans with a DIY bulls-eye printed tee.
And lastly for shoes I wore a pair of black and white wedge sneakers.



Tee: Vintage- DIY 
Skinny:Kelso- Edgars (still available)
       Similar at:Skinny Jeans

Sneakers:Forever 21 
         Similar at:Sneakers 


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
Leonardo da Vinci

Wednesday, July 23

Red Leopard


Today’s post includes my favourite print and colours.

Leopard print is probably the most popular print ever, it’s been around for a really long time and it always has and will be in fashion.

This print is so popular that even toddlers are wearing it. 

No matter your shape, size, skin tone or height leopard is the print for you, it simply matches everyone. This print can be paired with nearly any colour, but my favorite has to be RED!

Leopard print tends to be more formal but lately I've noticed the print being incorporated into casual wear like this outfit.

For today’s look I paired a red skinny jean with a cream leopard and triangle printed tee. And lastly for shoes I wore a pair of black and gold tip ankle boots.

This T-shirt is the perfect example of how this print can be incorporated into a more casual look.



Skinny Jeans- Gifted 
Similar @ 

T-shirt- Cotton On

Boots- Shoe Connection 
Similar @ 

Wednesday, July 16



My outfit  is quite bold compared to what I usually wear.

Bold prints has been around for a long time and as time goes these prints become, bigger, brighter and BOLDER!

Monochrome just like bold prints have been around for a long time as well. 
One great thing about monochrome is no additional pieces need to be added like statement jewelry.

  The combination of black and white is enough to make a subtle statement without going over the top.

The thing I love the most about my outfit is the perfect combination of both monochrome and bold prints.

Today I wore a two piece outfit--
A star printed mesh insert crop top and a star print high waist pencil skirt.Because this outfit is bold I decided not to wear any other pieces with it only a pair of black sheer stockings and lastly a pair of black wedge ankle boots. 

(Mr Price)
(Mr Price)

(similar- Mr Price)

(Similar- Mr Price)