Friday, June 13

Urban Chic

Urban chic: Elegant, stylish and classy with an urban twist.

Hey there today I put together a very simple urban chic style. 
To achieve this style is quite easy because it is a basic elegant look with a twist.

For this outfit I paired a black and white striped boob tube skater style dress with a pair of black stockings. I then added a short ¾ sleeve biker jacket, and lastly I matched the whole outfit with a pair of black and white wedge sneakers.I kept the accessories minimal with a white round watch and a diamante choker. 

Dress similar  - Mr Price and  Forever 21 

Jacket similar - Mr Price and forever 21

Sneakers  Forever 21

In this outfit the dress and accessories represents the elegant,stylish,classy side and the jacket and sneakers the urban twist.


" Just be yourself there 
is no one better."
Taylor Swift


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