Tuesday, March 18

Accessorizing Lace

     A Dark Grey Lace Dress-paired with a black clutch purse, a pair of black stockings,a dark grey chain bracelet,a black waist belt with chains and lastly a pair of black wedge ankle boots--

   A Pink And Turquoise Lace Dress- paired with a thin maroon belt and a pair of light washed HI-tops--  


A Cream Lace Dress-paired with a small beige/brown cross body bag, a pair of white-beige-bronze tribal inspired over-sized earrings and a pair of white pointed courts-- 


Wednesday, March 12

Pairing Neon


For some people neon colors are a no go! The reason being, they are very bold and risk taking. Neon colors however, can always be toned down, made to look more classy, formal or even just FUN with simple things like cardigans and jewelry etc…

The first thing one has to do is to find the perfect neon color for your skin tone. Try out different colors and shades to find the one that suits you best. 
Most  neon colors  tend to suit darker skin tones better like the pinks, blues and oranges. For lighter skin tones, I would recommend pinks, greens and purples. Neon yellow is a bit to bold for my liking…but should still be tried because you never know…

Accessorizing neon.

Gold,black and white jewelry in my opinion  works best with neon,even big chunky jewelry- keeping in mind that it should be paired with plain neon colors(without any other patterns on it etc).Shoes- depending on the outfit- but black, white and nude shades works great, the same goes for handbags and sunnies.

Ways to style neon.

Miss Classy

Dress:Neon orange and blue bodycon dress
Shoe:White pointed wedge courts
Bag:Teal patent leather Ralph Lauren bag
Ring:Gold swallow two finger ring


 Smart But Casual

Tank: Neon orange tribal print back-cutout
Pants: Black semi-tailored pants 
Shoes: Black and gold tip platforms
Bag: Black and gold satchel 
Sunglasses:Cat eye shaped-style name Erica


Running Errands

Crop Top:Neon pink with a baby robot 
Shirt: Denim shirt 
Pants: Semi-tailored pants- black
Shoes: Black patent leather booties


Sunny Day At The Beach 

Crop Top(1):Coral lace crop top 
Crop Top(2):Orange and white markings crop top
Maxi Dress:Plain white maxi dress


Cocktail Party?!

Dress:Neon pink skater style dress
Shoes:Black and white polka dot platform
Clutch:Gold sequined bow shaped clutch 
Ring:Gold swallow two finger ring



Wednesday, March 5

How to style: A basic black t-shirt

How to 
style basic

I assume everyone has a simple basic black T-shirt, right? if not then you should get one. Although a basic black tee is very plain and can look boring you can add it to many outfits for most occasions. 

Street Style

Here I paired my basic black T-shirt with a high waist over-sized mom jeans(cuffed) and a over-sized blue and grey flannel shirt. For shoes:A pair of white wedge court heels.
And for accessories: A white watch and a  cross bracelet.



Here together with the black tee I put a cerise pink peplum skirt and a white pointed wedge court heel. And for accessories I wore a white rosary, a white cross bracelet and watch.   


Chilly Night Out

Here with my black tee, I paired a rusty brown colored high waist tailored pants,a pair of black and gold tip ankle boots and accessorized it with a brown
DIY-ed envelope clutch. 



And lastly I paired the black T-shirt with a grey gypsy-like pants and a pair of black patent leather booties.