Thursday, February 20

For the love of high waist skirts

of high 
waist skirts!


Here I paired a black high waist circle skirt with a black and white floral printed tee, a black denim jacket and a pair of black suede wedge ankle boots. accessorized with a black and gold satchel and a pair of round sunglasses.  


2.Easy Breezy 

Here I put together a thin, breezy multicolored maxi high waist skirt with a baby pink tank top / a plain white tee and a pair of baby blue HI-tops.


3.Laid Back Stripes 

Here I spiced up a plain white tee by pairing it with a navy and white stripped high waist pencil skirt, a DIY peter pan collar and a pair of baby blue HI-tops. 


4.In Charge 

Here I paired a turquoise high waist pencil skirt with a white leotard, a black and gold buckle belt and a pair of black and gold ankle boots.


Saturday, February 8

Love Leopard-Love Cheetah


Leopard and cheetah print is so similar yet so different , these prints can be dressed up or down and suits every skin tone. I really love these prints so I decided to put together three outfits for you on how these prints can be styled. 


#1 Here I paired a black and purple cheetah print maxi dress with a black peep toe platform.

#2 Here I paired a leopard print leotard with a black circle skirt, some black suede ankle boots with gold tips and a black and gold satchel. 

#3 Here I paired a leopard print jumpsuit with a white cropped t-shirt and some suede black wedge ankle boots.

Comment below telling me, which outfit you liked best.



Wednesday, February 5

Dressing your body shape

Dressing your body shape

There are times in our life, we come across a garment of clothing, that we really like and would love to own but once you tried it on, it did not suit you at all. Everyone some more than others will experience this and it can leave us disappointed. These simple facts will help you so that it does not happen. 

Fact 1:
Know your body shape. Knowing your body shape will make buying clothes so much easier. We all have different body shapes making us different and beautiful in our own special way. 
Here is how to determine your body shape:

Pear shaped women have hip measurement which is greater than their bust measurement. 

Hourglass shape women’s hips and bust are nearly equal in measurement and they have a narrow waist.

Apple shape women are built broader on the shoulders and bust and they have a narrow waist.

Banana shape women have a waist measurement less than 25cm smaller than their hip or bust measurement.

Once you know your body shape buying clothing that suits you will be easier than you could ever imagine. 

Some tips to dressing for your body shape:

Pear shape: 
Lean towards clean cuts and tailored bottoms. Jeans and pants that flare at the bottom are ideal for pear shapes like skinny flares, bootlegs and wide legged jeans and pants. Another great look for pear shapes are suits, both pants and skirt suits. Try longer length tops and jackets. Finally yet importantly, show off your shoulders and trying different necklines and A-line dresses are ideal for pear shapes.

Hourglass shape: 
 Try to avoid tops, dresses and jackets that have straight lines. (That would allow you to appear heavier). Avoid wide and square necklines as well as turtlenecks; instead try lapels or light ruffles. Try fitted jackets and high waist pants skirts and shorts. Go for dresses that define your waist, dresses that focus on the waist. Try bandage dresses. 

Apple shape:

Because apple shaped bodies are larger at the top the key is to draw attention away from the top of your body. Draw attention to your lower body by wearing shorter clothing at the bottom and lighter colors as well. Always try to avoid big clothing. A high waist is your best friend, try high waist pants and skirts. Draw attention to your hands and away from your upper body with rings and manicures. Lastly, a wide strap halter dress is ideal for apple shapes. 

Banana shape: 

Banana shape are almost the same size from top to bottom therefore shapeless and straight dresses should be avoided. Other than that banana, shaped bodies can wear almost anything, from tops with pockets, tucked in shirts, any necklines, A-line skirts, and pleats yes pleats. Banana shapes should however go for ballerina pumps instead of high heels. Strong color blocking, tops, and jackets that emphasis the waist is ideal. Lastly, a semi-fitted dress is also ideal for banana shapes. 

 And these are my tips to dressing for your body type. 

Leave a comment below telling me what your body shape is and what you love about it. 

Disclaimer: All information in this post was gathered from different articles about this topic and was edited and put together by me.